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Our story of Wicho Leather Creations goes back much further than the beginning of the company in October 2012.

My grandfather and his grandfather had all been in the leather business since the latter 1800’s. Leatherworking is a family tradition that only skipped one generation, for my mom’s and all her siblings never took up the leather trade. But I remember my grandfather working in his leather shop, with the smell of leather and glue always reminding me of the memories of my grandfather.

Unfortunately, it was not until after my grandfather passed away that I started having dreams of my grandfather working in the shop, and these memories inspired me when I decided to take up the trade. I took all of those dreams of my grandfather very much to heart, believing that it was a sign that I should pursue something that I would enjoy in life and something I could build and prosper, helping others have access to quality leather products. Knowing that there is a family tradition to follow and a high standard to live up to, it is something I wanted to start again with my family for years to come, has inspired me to create the best leather products I can.

My practice started 27 years ago, learning leather through my dreams as guided by my grandfather. As I worked hard to train myself on all the necessary craftsmanship abilities to product quality products, my dreams became a reality: it was true - there is nothing else that I would like to be doing other than working with my hands, shaping the leather into pleasing and useful forms. I have used every single type of leather I could find and have chosen the best tools and glue to achieve what would the best results for my products, for my clients. Wicho Leather Creations only stands for quality not quantities.

It is not just a business; I do truly enjoy it. I love working with my hands, and I’ve been seeing the improvement in the quality of my products every year. I have promised myself that I will never stop improving! That is the promise I made not just to myself, but also to all of my clients.

One of the things that I am very passionate about and that has given us an edge in what we do, is the concerns of customers about other products that they have bought before they met me. I take all of the critiques of customers from those other products to apply in my products.

My work is something that I am very proud of, and I love bringing it to gun shows and art festivals. 27 years ago, when I started, I never imagined what I would be able to accomplish. Now we are starting something a little bit bigger for people to get know me and to enjoy our different products. Now we are bringing them to you in the comfort of your home through our website. With our full range of leather products, Wicho Leather Creations will always find a way to give you a better product than anyone else.

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